It’s been said that cruising is just doing boat work in exotic locations. Well, exotic would be nice.

We left Norway with a list of jobs that needed doing. We then seemed to add it to at faster rate then we could tick them off. Two incidents with the septic tank… 😷 and a mystery leak that refused to be sealed were the worst. John twisted his ankle on a trampoline and when that was healed stuck a drill into his hand. Still 7 hours in A and E is always an interesting experience.  Although these injuries didn’t really help with getting the jobs done.

We’re in Plymouth - waiting to cross Biscay. The important jobs are done and some less important ones too. Hopefully once in Spain we’ll be spending less time with tools and hunting for arcane parts and more time doing frivolous things like updating the blog and visiting maritime museums not chandleries.

So sorry for the drought here on the blog - we were to busy having fun (well probably re-bedding another piece of deck hardware).