Once we had recovered and fixed various bits on the boat we left Ria de Muros and headed south for Vigo to check in and clear customs. Unfortunately the weather didn't get the memo about the plan, so we motored in fog with no view of what I am sure is a stunning coastline.

On arrival at Ria de Vigo the fog started to lift to reveal a busy little "fjord" with ferries, small fishing boats and huge ships all navigating the waters. We went to the Club Nautico marina which was closest to town, it served the purpose- although the showers were in the community swimming pool and we managed to time our first proper showers in 6 days with after school swim club time! It was a bit manic.

The town was really cool, with an old town area with narrow streets and small squares full of bars serving tapas and local beers and wines. It had a really nice bustle to it of an evening.

When we went to track down the customs to check in we had a bit of a tour of the big classical buildings on boulevards, built to impress when the town was a prosperous port. It was interesting to go into the grand entrance halls with marble floors and panelled walls, just used for the day to day work of the port officials.

After a few days exploring Vigo and doing a bit of shopping we left to explore the Ria and islands close by. Ilhas Cíes had been recommended to us, so we headed out there for a few days exploring. Our first night was pretty blowy, but it made for a quiet first couple of days at the islands. We had a few swims in the bracing water and went walking on the trails on the islands: the peace and quite in was a nice contrast to Vigo, especially at the end of the day when the last of the tourist ferries had left.

After a couple of days it was time to move on south for Portugal. With 5 knots forecasted from just about every direction but north, we put the big genoa on and left early for a long day at sea. By mid morning we were beating into 15knots with a reef in the main. I guess some days you just get what you are given!